8 Wired

8 Wired Brewing is inspired by the legendary Kiwi can-do mentality and fellow craft brewers who have dared to challenge the masses and show us all that beer is no longer “just beer”! Known for producing  “New world interpretations of old world styles” 8 Wired have multiple shades of very hoppy IPAs, Saisons, Porters and Stouts in their permanent line up and have the biggest barrel aged and sour program in the southern hemisphere. 

Seasonal Beers

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Style - Dark Sour IPA
ABV - 7.5%

Available - 330ml Bottle, Keg

Like the universe itself this brew is dark and tranquil in appearance, but once you delve in, its chaotic intensity really hits. It’s a trip across the palate; sour, hoppy & malty bringing balance to The Force.


Style - Smoked Porter
ABV - 6.5%

Available - 330ml Bottle, Keg

8 Wired have taken their best porter recipe and added a good measure of Bamberg Rauchmalz smoked malt. The smoke mingles beautifully with the rich, dark roasted chocolate flavours of the porter without being overpowering. Although it pairs extremely well with smoked seafood, barbeques, strong cheeses and hearty stews, its food friendliness isn’t limited to savouries; chocolate and caramel based desserts are great companions too! It really isn’t as crazy as it sounds.


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Style - IPA
ABV - 6.5%

Available - 330ml Bottle, Keg

Starting off as your more typical IPA 8 Wired have taken this next level. They  have soured it and thereby balanced the fruity sweetness with acidity instead of bitterness, which turns it into something completely different. Sour, fruity, refreshing, juicy and very, very trippy!