Down in New Zealand we’re at the edge of the world, and that sort of isolation can do strange things to your thinking! But sometimes strange is good and our beer reflects New Zealand inventiveness and creativity.

Sharing is caring

All that loneliness being at the bottom of the worldmakes us eager to share - and share we have; right from the early days when our mate Ernie split the atom to our imaginative film making, to our New World wine revolution and right down to our delicious succulent lamb!

But this is about something even better sharing our kiwi take on the world’s finest profession – Brewing!

The perfect place to brew

The New Zealand craft beer story is founded on the edge-of-the-world environment where clean air and bright sun combines with our very own hops to create distinctive tropical aromas and flavours. Hops with names like Riwaka, Motueka and Nelson Sauvin are sought after by brewers and beer drinkers all over the world. And this is where we get selfish! We keep the best ingredients for ourselves, mastering the art of crafting brews that put a unique Kiwi-hop spin on traditional styles of beer.