Stockist of the Week: The Beer Boutique

The Beer Boutique is London's oldest specialist beer bottle shop. Founded in 2010 by Marc Verlet, a laid-back Belgian who wanted to drink better beer. Beer that reminded him of home. Proper beer.

In the first shout out to some of the best stockists of NZ beer, we want to say cheers to The Beer Boutique. If you haven't been down to visit the guys yet then you are missing out and should rectify that immediately (or at least go over the weekend). 

They stock beer from all over the world. Obviously from New Zealand but also the States, Italy, France, Estonia, Hungary and anywhere and everywhere else in between. Wherever there is good beer these guys will find it and bring it to you! There are now over 400 beers in their flagship Putney store.

Super knowledgable and friendly staff are there to help; either with geeky beer chat, if you that's what you are into, or to give you a helping hand with a recommendation. They will find the perfect beer for you.

They now have three stores with thoughts of opening more. Their flagship is in Putney with another in Wandsworth and their recently opened store in Tunbridge Wells.

They are so much more than just a bottle shop. They have their very own pico brewing kit so you can brew your own beer or help come up with recipes right there in the shop. They have a handful of taps in each store so you can taste the beers or get your growlers filled up. They also hold a whole host of different events from beer and food pairings to Meet the Brewers to beer and music nights. You can even order beer from them through Deliveroo if you are in the local area. 

So get yourselves down to one of their stores now to get your hands on a whole range of the freshest Kiwi beers in the UK including offerings from Yeastie Boys, 8 Wired Brewing, and many, many more. 

If you can't make it down to The Beer Boutique this weekend you can always order our beers online from Honest Brew or Beer Hawk or check out our stockists page to find a store near you.