Just Good Honest Beer

Introducing Galbraith's Brewing Co to the UK. 

Our whole raison d’etre is to bring the freshest Kiwi beer to as many of you thirsty drinkers as possible. This year we really want to showcase even more of the NZ brewing scene. We plan to bring a number of guest breweries over throughout the year, in particular some that maybe don’t get heard of (or tasted) outside of NZ, and we are starting with Galbraith's Brewing Co.

Galbraith's started out as an Alehouse opening in Auckland in 1995 with the desire to reintroduce real ale to New Zealand. It was inspired by the traditional beers of New Zealand's forebears and European ales hand. Keith Galbraith set out to make the best hand crafted ales using authentic, natural ingredients that he could and share them with New Zealanders. The result is Galbraith’s Alehouse and Brewing Co. and now they are coming to the UK. 


"I wanted to be able to put my hand on my heart and say this is the best beer I can put in a glass and the best pub food we can put on a plate" - Keith

Keith is a bit of a legend in the independent Kiwi brewing world. His brew pub is one of the iconic beer venues in Auckland. He has also just picked up double gold (the only brewery to do so) in World Beer Awards so there has never been a better time to bring his beers to the UK! We are bringing in a bit of a mix of what they do to show their range including their American Pale, Santana Double IPA, NZ Pale, and Rurik Russian Imperial Stout.

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