Stockist of the Week: Bison Beer Crafthouse

Bison Beer is a bottleshop, brewery (rated #30 in the country on RateBeer) and soon-to-be pub with a strong, independent brand that’s been regularly featured in the likes of The Sunday Times and The Guardian. Their bottleshop (listed in the UK's top 10 according to shortlist magazine) stocks over 365 beers, enough for a different one for every day of the year and features a fridge that maps beers from West to East - starting in the states and finishing up over in New Zealand! Once a week they fill a box with beer that’s hard to get hold of and release the combination code on their social media channels.

Located just a stone’s throw from Brighton’s beach, it’s not just bottles and cans that they do, they have brought draught growlers to Brighton. These refillable 64 ounce (1.9 litres) bottles are filled using a state-of-the-art counter-pressure filling system that keeps your beer fresh for up to six weeks.

They brew some of their own beer including their signature beer See Side APA, brewed to be enjoyed on the beach, as well as collaborating with some local breweries including the likes of Arundel Brewery and Good Chemistry Brewing.

“We are local, independent and proud to be a part of what we think is the best city in the country.”

Since opening, the guys have been committed to working with people in the local area; whether it is collaborating with local breweries, championing local beers or lending their expertise to help restaurants pair their food with great beer offerings. No more so than at the end of last year when they brought the fight to the man and closed a successful crowdfunding campaign to raise enough capital to save the pub at the end of East Street from becoming a Burger King. They now plan to open a community bar owned by and run for the people of Brighton. The Bison Arms will be built, staffed and supplied by the people of Brighton and Sussex with an emphasis on sustainability. The team behind award winning restaurant, 64 Degrees, have joined the team to take care of the kitchen. We can definitely cheers to that!  

As for the Kiwi connection, other than just wanting to sell the freshest NZ beer in the UK, it turns out Nick's sister used to live in Wellington and her mate was mates with Stu's (Yeastie Boys) wife. The two made contact and it has pretty been a match made in heaven ever since.

These guys do so much and on top of that they sell our fresh as f*%k Kiwi beer. With over 350 beers from around the world and an expanding NZ range, get yourselves down there to enjoy the beers, and the beach!

Not in the Brighton area? Well worry not! You can check out our Stockist page to see who has our beer in your local area and failing that order an awesome range online from Honest Brew and Beer Hawk.