NOmad Brewing

A long time ago in a country far, far away (well, Italy) a love affair blossomed. It was a relationship between Global Top 100 brewer, Leonardo Di Vincenzo and Kerrie & Johnny Latta, a husband and wife team from the Northern Beaches, owners of Australia’s largest craft beer distributors, Experience IT beverages.

After endless travel, negotiation and plenty of beers, the guys managed to persuade Brooks Carretta, Leonardo’s brewing protege at Birra Del Borgo to pull up stumps and make the journey down under to Brookvale. He had two conditions: To never be restricted by fashions and trends and to use Australia’s amazing native ingredients. Almost two years on Nomad continue to be restless creatures, driven by discovery of new tastes, beer knowledge, experiences and the people that make craft beer great.

Current Range


Style - Whisky Barrel Aged Oatmeal Stout
ABV - 8%

Available - Bottle

Creamy Russian Imperial Stout with notes of coffee, mocha, and roasted malt. lovingly encased in Teeling Whiskey barrels which have further added to these aromas.


Style - IPA
ABV - 6%
Available - Bottle

Brewed with a combination of pale and ale malts, with the addition of caramel malts and tonnes of American and Aussie hops! Combined with the unique Australian native Finger Lime to deliver a fantastic citrusy Zing. A tropical fruit IPA.

NOMAD MOKA  copy.png

Style - Gose
ABV - 4.8%
Available - Can

Freshie Moka takes the original Freshie Salt and Pepper Gose (Australia hottest 100 winner), and combines litres of fresh espresso coffee roasted on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. A true indulgence and delicious and unique variation of this style.

Saltpan Can Small.png

Style - Gose
ABV - 4.8%

Available - Can and Keg

A Nomad native twist on the traditional GOSE style with two amazing Aussie ingredients to set this new version apart; Murray River Salt as the source of salt and Desert Lime Peel to add a thirst quenching citrus kick.

Freshie Orange and Caramel WEB.png

Style - Gose
ABV - 4.8%

Available - Keg & Can

Taking an Winter approach to one of our favourite beer styles, Imagine salted caramel orange cakes in a beer. It remains refreshing but with some caramel malts and orange peel additions this gives a little warmth.


Style - Barrel Aged Black Saison
ABV - 6%
Available - Bottle

Nomad decided to explore the “dark side” of Saisons and put a twist on a classic. Dusky black with a firm white head, this Dark interpretation of a Saison has a distinct yeast character combined with very smooth roastiness and unusual cinnamon aromas all designed to give this beer a warming and comforting feel.

07-10-17 NOMAD BEACH HOUSE PALE ALE  copy.png

Style - Sour Pale Ale
ABV - 5%

Available - Can and Keg

A super refreshing, crisp, approachable Farmhouse sour pale ale. Dry on the palate but with a citrus zing coming from the addition of Lemon Myrtle and Lemon zest.

NOMAD ROSIE copy.png

Style - Berlinerweisse
ABV - 3.8%
Available - Can and Keg

A Classic Berliner Weisse with Hibiscus Rosella. The Rosella adds a distinct rose colour and aroma.

Supersonic DIPA web.png

Style - Double IPA
ABV - 8.5%
Available - Can

Jet Lag with everything turned up to ELEVEN. Double the hops, the malt the finger lime peel Supersonic is DOUBLE DRY HOPPED for your West Coast pleasure.

Salt & Pepper web.png

Style: Gose
ABV 4.8%
Available: Keg & Can

A classic Gose with the Nomad twist. Using real Seawater (from Freshie Beach), then adding a Tasmanian wild pepper berries, then finishing it off with coriander.