New Zealand Beer was formed in 2016 to act as exclusive importer, national distributor, brand management and sales of the New Zealand Beer Collective. We felt we were the best people to promote and sell our beer. So we set off on this accidental and at times hectic journey.


Work closely with the NZ brewers to make sure the beer arriving in the UK is always at its freshest. There is no point having loads of juicy hops if they have lost that bang!

Research is at our core, and we are always sampling beer and searching for offerings within the beer collective, and other New Zealand breweries and cider producers.

Rigorous Quality Control to bring the best beer to the UK. Some of our UK brewers help us out by taking part in our large scale tasting panels. They love them so much we are never short of a collaboration partner or two.


Ensure our logistics partners ship the beer chilled for the entire 12,000 mile global journey and it is done as quickly and comfortably as possible (about 5-6 weeks).

We sell to both local distributors / wholesalers and direct to trade, avoiding unnecessary sub distribution arrangements to ensure the sharpest possible pricing for the end customer. We also like to spend time with the people who buy, sell, promote and drink our beer getting them as excited about it as we are!

Party, promote, taste and talk about the beer. We support our distribution and sales by a hectic schedule of festivals, tastings, promos and general beer partying. We are always keen to help our partners to promote and sell our beer.

TODD Nicolson

Director of Beer

Founder, director and chief kiwi beer collector. Now a fully badged up brit but still a proud kiwi, I get the best out of life by living in the great city of London, my trips back to friends and family now double as 'work' trips and I promote the greatest of kiwi produce - beer. We are damn good at this beer lark, down to our inventiveness and determination not to buy the rubbish mass produced offerings from our youth, and becoming a nation of home brewers.

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Joseph Hurst

Head of Beer

Born and raised on the wrong side of the planet, I have worked hard (drunk a lot) to get my badge as an honorary Kiwi. Working in beer for nearly 11 years, I couldn't be hoppier with one leg! Well versed in the dark arts of keg whispering and beer tasting, I now turn my attention to championing some of the most exciting beers in the world.  

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Stu McKinlay

Beer Ambassador

Founder and Benevolent Dictator of Yeastie Boys (and occasional wearer of brightly coloured trousers) .