Yeastie Boys 

The Yeastie Boys - Stu McKinlay and Sam Possenniskie are the dynamic duo of New Zealand's craft beer scene. They burst onto the beer landscape with two trophies for their flagship porter Pot Kettle Black at BrewNZ 2009 and have remained firmly ensconced there ever since.
Yeastie Boys UK beers are brewed right here in the UK and are available in can and keg. 

Vintage & Barrel

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Style - Barrel Aged Dark Ale
ABV - 7.0%

Available - 750ml Bottle

The first of two results from a Yeastie Boys’ shareholder blending sessions in September 2016. Yeastie Boys have blended a fresh young dark ale with a combination of wine barrel-aged vintage ales (three year old wild PKB and two-year old Cherry Ghost).

Her Majesty 2015-800px-transparent.png

Style - Imperial Earl Grey IPA
ABV - 8.0%
Available - 330ml Bottle, Keg

A double version of Yeastie Boys’ famous Gunnamatta Earl Grey IPA that was the champion beer at the first Great Australian Beer Spectacular. Five years later, they’ve doubled down to celebrate in this one off special drop.

His Majesty2016 - high-res transparent-01 copy.png

Style - Barrel Aged Golden Ale
ABV - 7.0%
Available - 750ml Bottle

The second of two results from a Yeastie Boys’ shareholder blending session in September 2016. A freshly conditioned, hoppy golden ale has been brewed to blend with a two year old wine barrel-aged Cherry Ghost. Something old, something new.

His Majesty 2015-800px-transparent.png

Style - Red Oat Ale
ABV - 7.6%

Available - 750ml Bottle

His Majesty 2015 smells and tastes red, without looking it. The oat malt gives this ale a silky smooth mouthfeel of an amber ale, without introducing the strong caramel or toffee notes that many specialty malts bring. There is hint of red to the eye, rose gold perhaps, and a little biscuity note from the addition of roasted wheat. Then, at the business end, the beer is balanced with a heady mix of hop varieties from the USA to give great citrus aroma and a firm bitterness.